Termites in Suffolk County

#TermiteWeek First sign of a swarm of Termites in Suffolk County on Long Island this week…

Termite swarm sightings have been spotted, and we’re sure it won’t be the last! 

Long Island is home to the Eastern Subterranean Termite. During late winter and early spring, swarms of winged termites are often spotted by homeowners. In its natural habitat, termites play an important role of decomposing wood into the soil to be used again by other living things. But to the homeowner, termites can be a big problem. Since termites live in the ground, they often go unnoticed until some serious damage is done. 

Termite Facts:

  •  Termites create mud tubes along basement foundation or walls, wooden posts, studs or frames or any wood in contact with the soil or close to it. That is their pathway from the ground to their food and water source.
  • Termites depend on a source of moisture and favor heat, especially when its cold.
  • There are four forms of termites in a colony. The first two – the king and queen termites, called alates, which have dark brown bodies and four long grey wings of the same length. You may see a swarm of thousands outside, around March through June.
  • The other two forms are called the workers and soldiers, which are pale colored, wingless, blind and sterile. Workers are the wood-eating members of the colony. They must feed the soldier termites.
  • Termites are commonly mistaken for ants. (check out our illustration)
  • Termites have a broad waist and fat body, and wings of equal length, unlike an ants body. 

What to look for:

  • Sighting of a swarm of termites is a sure sign that a new colony is trying to form. The winged termites eventually break off their wings and find a mate. Then they attempt to find a spot where moist wood is in contact with the soil (home to them).
  • Unusually soft wood, such as in the floor planks.
  • Termite mud tubes made out of sand. These may be found on basement walls, wood posts, door or window trim.

Unfortunately many homes on Long Island are already affected by termite colonies. If you suspect your home or building may be affected, call us today. We are up to date on the latest technology in termite control. Our plans and methods we use to control termites are safer and less stressful on the environment. Please call EcoTech for a free inspection at 631-868-7023.