If you see mud tunnels similar to this, you may have active termites. Call today for an inspection

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termite-mud-tubes It’s that time of year again. As the official start of Spring is a week away, the warmer weather will soon follow. What does that mean for you as a homeowner? Termites and termite swarmers. If you are a home or property owner, have your inspection done for free! Keep reading for more details or Call (631) 868-7023 today.

Termites can cause major damage to your home and surrounding structures. They cause billions of dollars in damage per year across the nation. Hundreds of thousands of homes show positive signs of termite activity or damage yearly as well. Long Island is no stranger to termite activity or associated damage. Now is the time to get a Termite inspection, and have peace of mind.

We will dispatch one of our expert termite technicians who will thoroughly inspect your home inside and out, looking for remnants of termite damage on the inside or mud tubes on the outside, among other things. They will also survey the outside perimeter of your home to see if you have Termite stations installed in the ground and if they need to be re-placed. Termites tunnel through the wood and can leave mud tunnels on concrete surfaces.

Inspections for home or property owners is FREE. Inspections for sale of home or property is just $75. Don’t wait for the damage to be done. Call (631) 868-7023 to schedule your termite inspection.