Prevent Squirrels from Seeking Shelter Inside Your Home

Winter is here! As the weather gets colder outside, squirrels look for a warm place to nest. If they gain access to your attic, usually from gaps or through vents, they can cause extensive damage to your home. They chew on electrical wires and can contaminate your home with droppings and urine. There are some ways to prevent squirrels from entering your home. First, try to seal your attic where you see gaps or holes. Stopping the critters from coming in is the best way to prevent seeing them indoors. Next, make sure all tree limbs are kept away from the house. Trimming any tree branches will prevent a clear pathway for squirrels entering your home.  

EcoTech Pest Control uses live traps that are strategically placed inside your home. Once caught, we move them far enough away so they will not return to your home.