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Termites in Suffolk County

#TermiteWeek First sign of a swarm of Termites in Suffolk County on Long Island this week…

Termite swarm sightings have been spotted, and we’re sure it won’t be the last! 

Long Island is home to the Eastern Subterranean Termite. During late winter and early spring, swarms of winged termites are often spotted by homeowners. In its natural habitat, termites play an important role of decomposing wood into the soil to be used again by other living things. But to the homeowner, termites can be a big problem. Since termites live in the ground, they often go unnoticed until some serious damage is done.  Continue reading

Lake Grove, Long Island Termite Exterminator


Customer called to say they saw a swarm of termites by front of home.

We sent a Tech and he found they had termite stations in the ground that

we could use.

We treated the front of the home for the swarm.

We checked the stations and found two of the stations had termite


We placed the poison bait in the two stations and rebaited the existing


The customer signed up for our yearly maintenance service.

long island termite exterminaor

Termite Damage in East Patchogue

A customer called to say she moved a small fridge to find a swarm of termites, and noticed a small floor board had been chewed. We went to the home and found that the customer had ripped up some of the floor board to try to remove termites. This is something you should never do, never disrupt a swarm of termites, if they feel threatened they will move to another area. We foamed the holes and floor board for the customer, and also installed termite bait stations outside the home, which all homes should have to protect the home from outside. 

Troubled by termites? Contact us today before the termite damage to your home gets even worse. We’re here to help with all your exterminating needs.