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Ant Control for Westhampton Homeowner

EcoTech Pest Control Inc. was called to a Westhampton, NY home to conduct an initial inspection for new homeowners. Upon inspection from our exterminator, prior activity from carpenter ants was observed. As we get ready to move into
April, more and more any problems will arise. See how our ant control experts can resolve your ant problems.

What We Found

As part of our routine inspections, the foundation areas around the house thoroughly inspected. Our objectives are to find the source of the issue and treat the area accordingly. Due to the nature of carpenter ants and what was observed by our technician, a full interior inspection was also conducted. It concluded that there were spiders and beetles also at the premises. This was not initially reported by the homeowner.

How We Treated the Problem

While there are several methods to treating ant problems, our primary treatment for this issue was to apply bait to the infestation areas of the home. This was in part due to the additional findings of beetles and spiders. Our technicians also spot sprayed on all levels of the inside of the house.

Our recommended corrective measures included monitoring additional ant activity to the foundation of the home as well as the kitchen. A quarterly maintenance program was purchased in addition which will cover 3 visits from one of our expert ant technicians. The problem areas as well as general areas around theinterior or the home will checked and treated if activity is found. Our maintenance programs provide you with peace of mind.

Additional Information about Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are not harmful your family or pets. They do not eat wood like termites but create galleries within the wood. DIY treatment for ants is complicated. Many box stores sell sprays and baits which will usually help remedy a local ant problem temporarily. Unfortunately, there are typically more than one colony and the ants return. For additional information about carpenter ants, visit our Carpenter Ants page.

We strongly recommend scheduling an appointing for one of exterminators to come out and provide you with a FREE INSPECTION. We will check all areas of your home, provide you with the facts you need to know and how to treat the issue. Call (631) 868-7023 today to get your free estimate.