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Pest of the Month

Pest of the Month – Mice and Rats

Did you know that Mice are the primary carriers of the ticks that have Lyme Disease bacterium? Mouse saliva, urine and feces can also cause several health problems in humans. The House Mouse can also cause damage to your home by chewing on electrical wires, causing fires. The House Mouse is most commonly found on Long Island, NY, along with other rodents like the Norway Rat, Deer Mouse and White-footed Mouse. These Rodents can squeeze through holes as tiny as a quarter to enter your home looking for food and water or a warm nesting area. Inside your home, they like quiet places usually in the walls, ceilings, attics, garages and basements. Their nests can be made of shredded fabrics or other fine material or leaves. You may often find droppings near their nest. The droppings of a mouse look like small pellets with pointed ends and the dropping of a rat is larger in size with blunt ends. If you suspect a Rodent problem, please call EcoTech Pest Control 631-868-7023 as soon as possible. We will send a knowledgeable technician to inspect the area and target the Rodent or Rodents using the proper bait, placing bait stations effectively, and with enough time given to allow it to work and evict the Rodent or Rodents.

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