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Pest of the Month

Pest of the Month – Crickets

Although Crickets are becoming a popular insect to eat these days, most of us aren't so happy to find
them chirping loudly inside our homes. The most common household cricket you may find on Long
Island is the Camel or Cave Cricket, Field Cricket and House Cricket. Most crickets can be found indoors
on warm days. You can be sure to attract crickets where there is a supply of food waste around, like
crumbs. All but the prehistoric like Camel or Cave Cricket produce a common nighttime high-pitched
sound, as the male's chirping sounds are made in an effort to attract a female. To prevent them from
entering your home, eliminate moisture and seal cracks if possible. If these pests have already entered
your home and are breeding then there is a need for quick treatment. This problem is best handled by
EcoTech Pest Control, a certified pest management professional. Call 631-868-7023 to schedule an
appointment today and rid your home of these pests.

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